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Alan on The St. Lucie River and Estuaries


Alan agrees with many engineers that nearly 50% of the problem stems from raw septage that flows in the river and estuaries. Sewer lines can be constructed along the river and estuaries for pennies on the dollar....

Alan on the Federal Budget/Debt  

Alan Schlesinger believes that both major parties have been galactically irresponsible when it comes to our nation's financing. This unsustainable spending growth is so uncontrolled that the Federal Reserve has now printed over $4 trillion to cover the shortfalls created by our...

Alan Schlesinger is offering a comprehensive solution that he calls “Back To the Future” based on Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) across the board for everyone. It includes a catastrophic insurance component (formerly referred to as Major Medical) for anyone who exhausts the HSA.  

Here's how it works: Welfare/Medicaid recipients would...

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